Shigeo Kimura (7th Dan Kyoshi)

Kimura-Sensei was born and raised near Sendai, Japan. Kimura-Sensei attended Takushoku University in Tokyo, a school well known for martial arts training, where he was Captain of the University Kendo Team. He emigrated to Canada over 45 years ago, and since then has raised his family, runs a successful business and teaches Kendo in the Greater Toronto Area. Kimura-Sensei has represented Canada at the World Kendo Championships as a competitor, coach and international referee.

Yukio Yamada (5th Dan)

Yukio (Glen) Yamada-Sensei has studied Kendo under Kimura-Sensei for more than 45 years. He first practiced with the Tokabudokan Dojo with Sensei L. Nakamura, M. Tagawa and S. Kimura. He practiced under Kimura-Sensei with the Takubukan dojo, which is now the Toronto Kendo Club, and started the Mississauga Kendo Club with Kimura-Sensei and Richard Tizzard Sensei in 1996. He is also the Head Instructor of the Hamilton Kendo Club.

Gerald Audette (4th Dan)

Audette-Sensei has been practicing kendo for 25 years. He began kendo with the Saskatoon Kendo Club with Sensei K. Miyaoka and N. Gendzwill, and then the S. Bozzer Sensei at Edmonton Kendo Club before joining the MKC in 2006. He currently holds the rank of Yondan, is the club President, and is in charge of the Basics and Juniors programs at the club.

Tim Samios (5th Dan)

Tim Samios-Sensei has been practicing kendo with the MKC since 2005, and currently holds the rank of Godan. He is the club Vice President, coordinates the MKC team for tournaments, and assists will the Basics and Juniors programs.

Dale Cheong (3rd Dan)

Dale has been practicing kendo with the MKC since 2005, and currently holds the rank of Sandan. He is the club’s secretary/treasurer.


Board of Directors

President:  Gerald Audette

Vice-President: Tim Samios

Treasurer:  Dale Cheong

Directors:  G. Audette, T. Samios, D. Cheong, Y. Yamada, S. Kimura

Juniors Coach:  G. Audette